Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to get rid of rapes from the society?

After the Delhi gang rape everybody started talking about capital punishment or stringent punishment for rapes.  What they don’t understand is stringent laws or capital punishment cannot get rid of rapes.
Stringent punishments may help to reduce the incidence of rapes by instilling fear but this is not the ultimate solution. There is no country in the world without rape.

So what is the solution?
First we need to understand why rape happens.
                                                                  Food, clothing, shelter and sex are considered to be the basic needs for human beings. (as far as I know Ramalina Swamy  also known as vallalaar is the first person to say sex is the basic need. Then Maslow’s proposes need theory).
Food and Sex are paramount important for human beings.

To fulfill hunger what humans normally do?
Cultivating food or earn money by working to buy food – this is what normally every humans does. This is the generally accepted way of fulfilling hunger. In this same way when it comes to physical need we have a set up called marriage.

Begging - when someone is not able to work or by laziness he starts begging.  – We should not encourage this. (Monks begging is something different).

Stealing - some who are not engaged in the above two or even some who have engaged in above two activities involve in theft.  I would equate this with love. Yes, love was considered to be an act of indiscipline. But today’s modern society started accepting it as normal.

Burglary- the people who least bothered about morality, who does not have any human values engage in burglary. I would equate burglary with rape. (I do understand Crime level and atrocity committed in the rape is much higher.)

I just tried to give similarities between hunger and physical need just to get an understanding how humans normally act to fulfill the need of food and sex.

Factors that occupies an an immoral person's mind with sexual feelings
Public foreplay:
When A is very hungry at the same time B is having food in front of him. What A will do if he does not have any morality? Of course he will try to take food from him. In the same way when lovers are kissing, hugging in park, beaches what the person who does not have any lover, does not have any morality, will do?  He ma try to engage in molestation whenever he gets an opportunity. He may involve in rape when he get an opportunity.
Public foreplay is also an act of immorality. But those who engage in that will agree? Innocent English media shouts moral policing should not be done. You cannot control crime without moral policing.

Todays entertainment have turned out to be a sexualtainment. It is difficult to see an entertainment without sex tone in it. Movies induce a person’s sexual feeling. 24X7 music channels mostly shows song which induces sexual feelings. Even in cricket cheerleaders are added to give glamour.  When an immoral person gets exposed to these sexsualtainment he always looks for opportunities to satisfy his sexual need.

Indecent dress:
In a society where everybody is naked then there is no problem due to dress.
But in a society where one side people are almost covered and one side people half dressed, it does create problem. When a person grows seeing women almost covered and he suddenly sees  a women half-dressed an immoral person thinks that she is approachable and that leads to some problem.

 These factors are not responsible for rapes but these helps an immoral person's mind occupied with sexual feelings. It  is the rapist who is ultimately responsible for rape and not these factors.

A moral person with values will not rape even if a girl is fully naked.
A moral person with values will not rape even if he is exposed to sexualtainment.
A moral person with values will not  rape even if he is exposed to public foreplay.

Rape is all about immorality,lack of values,bad character.

So moral education is the ultimate solution to get rid of rapes. Not only rape even for corruption,theft, burglary and other crimes lack of morality is the root cause.

Media and many so called intellects are suggesting for sex education but I don’t think anybody suggesting moral education. Moral education is the need of the hour.

Morality is the only thing which will save the girls from the rapes and ultimately it will save the mankind from its downfall.

All over the world government is taking steps to fulfill hunger. I don’t think any government ever involved or taken steps to fulfill the need of sex. The government should think that fulfilling sexual need of a person is also its responsibility. 

I request everybody to support and raise their voice for moral education. From Pre KG to Master Degree Moral education should be taught. Even at the corporate level moral education should be taught.

Entertainment should be about preaching, practicing morality.
Leaders should be role models.

If we sow the seed of morality in each and every human beings no crime will happen in this world.

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