Thursday, July 26, 2007

Extramarital Sex!!

(The following is the answer i had given to a perosn who had asked a question Is extramarital sex forbidden or Punishable? and this answer is not just to that person but for all humanbeings in the world)

Iam not sure whether it is legally punishable.
But I strongly believe no one should involve in extramarital sex.
Please please don’t spoil your life by involving in extra-marital sex

Discipline is utmost important.

R u a person who have extra marital sex??? or who wants to have extramarital sex and support this?????

I have a couple questions to you

When you are having such sex …..Think suppose if your husband or wife or children sees that …..What would they think of you??
Would they be proud of u??? Or at least would you be proud of that????

Say your father or mother is having extra-marital sex ……u r happened to see that
Will u agree that?

If you think that “I am least bothered about all those nonsense I want to have sex whenever I want and with whomever I want” then u r not a human being….there is no difference between u and animal….be happy living in that way…….

But u will feel and cry one day for that what you did and you will cry forever and if any bit of humanism left in u .. u will beg others not to have extramarital sex….take my words for granted….
So please don’t be carried away by your lust…be disciplined…sexual discipline is mother of all discipline…have sex only with your wife or husband.

Don’t do just because others are doing ……the world with free sex would be ugly……no peace of mind….. so please live with only one. In Tamil there is a proverb “Oruvanuku Oruthy” That is “for one boy one girl”…..

“One can get real happiness only within the family” so have a sexually disciplined life for your sake for your children sake grand children sake

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nothing is permanent !!!

Land or sky
Sun or moon
Dawn or dusk
Brightness or darkness
Hot or Cold
Beauty or ugly
Birth or death
Rich or poor
Intelligence or ignorance
Good or bad
Nothing is permanent

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It is the beginning of civilisation
and end of civilisation!
It gives birth
and gives death!
It creates relationship
and destroys relationship!
It is a divine
and it is a sin!

The world is Flat?????

Is the world is flat???
is the world is round?????
The answer is both yes and No.
But the truth is
......neither is permanent,it changes.....