Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Equality is the biggest and saddest joke on the earth.
No one treats others equally.
Govts which claims of equality to every citizen also not doing that.

Here the ultimate truth is, equality is, impossible to practice.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Homosexual Affairs!!

When a man sexually attracted towards another man and a women sexually attracted towards another women then we call them homosexuals. This relationship is increasing at a fast rate among people. Today homosexuals have associations to fight for their rights. Even some countries have legitimately recognizes them. Is this trend good for human beings?

Think of a situation where every human being is interested only in homosex. What will happen??????

Yes…u r right there will not be any production of mankind.
That is the end of human race.

It is obvious that person who involves in those activities is not normal. They are psychologically affected people. It is a disease. This disease is curable. Societies should not recognize these kinds of activities at the same time they should not punish them also. The society should treat them as a patient and try to cure them.

The person who is having homosexuals should also understand that it is a curable disease and they should not continue to live with it. It is foolishness to ask for recognition and freedom to live as homosexuals.
Every problem has its own solution. If a person has problem they should not become prey for that problem rather they should find a solution. Choosing homosexual is similar to becoming prey for a problem.

Society should try to cure them. If they realize that they are psychologically affected they might cooperate. If they feel that it is their birthright and they continue to do this for fun and freedom. Then, there is no way, only operation to be done to cure this disease.

If mankind (society & countries) agrees/approve/engage in homosexual affairs ultimately they are going to face their downfall. No doubt it is a cancer for mankind. If it is not cured now it will bring the era of mankind to an end. Homosexual relationships should be considered as deadly disease and should be treated with emergency.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Extramarital Sex!!

(The following is the answer i had given to a perosn who had asked a question Is extramarital sex forbidden or Punishable? and this answer is not just to that person but for all humanbeings in the world)

Iam not sure whether it is legally punishable.
But I strongly believe no one should involve in extramarital sex.
Please please don’t spoil your life by involving in extra-marital sex

Discipline is utmost important.

R u a person who have extra marital sex??? or who wants to have extramarital sex and support this?????

I have a couple questions to you

When you are having such sex …..Think suppose if your husband or wife or children sees that …..What would they think of you??
Would they be proud of u??? Or at least would you be proud of that????

Say your father or mother is having extra-marital sex ……u r happened to see that
Will u agree that?

If you think that “I am least bothered about all those nonsense I want to have sex whenever I want and with whomever I want” then u r not a human being….there is no difference between u and animal….be happy living in that way…….

But u will feel and cry one day for that what you did and you will cry forever and if any bit of humanism left in u .. u will beg others not to have extramarital sex….take my words for granted….
So please don’t be carried away by your lust…be disciplined…sexual discipline is mother of all discipline…have sex only with your wife or husband.

Don’t do just because others are doing ……the world with free sex would be ugly……no peace of mind….. so please live with only one. In Tamil there is a proverb “Oruvanuku Oruthy” That is “for one boy one girl”…..

“One can get real happiness only within the family” so have a sexually disciplined life for your sake for your children sake grand children sake

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nothing is permanent !!!

Land or sky
Sun or moon
Dawn or dusk
Brightness or darkness
Hot or Cold
Beauty or ugly
Birth or death
Rich or poor
Intelligence or ignorance
Good or bad
Nothing is permanent

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It is the beginning of civilisation
and end of civilisation!
It gives birth
and gives death!
It creates relationship
and destroys relationship!
It is a divine
and it is a sin!

The world is Flat?????

Is the world is flat???
is the world is round?????
The answer is both yes and No.
But the truth is
......neither is permanent,it changes.....

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sachin and WC'07

After the dismal performance of india in worldcup'07, destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots wants sachin to retire. Undoubtedly sachin failed to take India to world cup finals as he did in 2003. But for this, demanding his retirement is too much.

Needless to say, Sachin is the mostCentruy scorer in ODI's and Test form of cricket and most run scorer in ODI and stands 3rd in most run getters in Tets matches

Why Sachin Failed?
Sachin did not fail, certain people made him to fail. I would like to bring to your kind attention that before the beginning of 2003 worldcup, sachin was not doing well. People criticised him about his form. That time he was not opening innings for india, he was batting at various positions. So he was doing badly.
Sachin expressed his interest to open and he opened innings for india. As a result he scored more runsin the WC'03 i.e 673 runs from just 11 innings and india went upto Final.

Remember, Sachin is a specialist opener, not making him open indian innings is one of the main reason for sachin's as well as India's dismal performance in the WC'07.
Sachin did not open,so the WC door closed for us.

In the beginning of my article i have used words like destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots .
Well that's absolutely right.
Many of the critcizers who demands sachin's retirement from cricket are undoubtedly destructive criticizers. Every one has the right to criticize but it should be Constructive.
Criticisam should make him to gain the lost form, should motivate. shuld not ruin him or indian cricket.

Indian cricket fans or fanatics?
If our team performs well they praise like anything and if they do not perform well, they insult them like anything.Fans should take game as a game. They should take game in a right sense.
Should not take it as a religion.

Sachin and our Indian cricket team should not mind these destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots. I strongly beleive that Sachin and indian team will perform well and prove that these destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots are wrong.

Sachin and Indian team should think of forthcoming bangladesh,england tour and should win twenty20 championship in september.
I hope everyone know what is to be done now.