Friday, March 30, 2007

Sachin and WC'07

After the dismal performance of india in worldcup'07, destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots wants sachin to retire. Undoubtedly sachin failed to take India to world cup finals as he did in 2003. But for this, demanding his retirement is too much.

Needless to say, Sachin is the mostCentruy scorer in ODI's and Test form of cricket and most run scorer in ODI and stands 3rd in most run getters in Tets matches

Why Sachin Failed?
Sachin did not fail, certain people made him to fail. I would like to bring to your kind attention that before the beginning of 2003 worldcup, sachin was not doing well. People criticised him about his form. That time he was not opening innings for india, he was batting at various positions. So he was doing badly.
Sachin expressed his interest to open and he opened innings for india. As a result he scored more runsin the WC'03 i.e 673 runs from just 11 innings and india went upto Final.

Remember, Sachin is a specialist opener, not making him open indian innings is one of the main reason for sachin's as well as India's dismal performance in the WC'07.
Sachin did not open,so the WC door closed for us.

In the beginning of my article i have used words like destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots .
Well that's absolutely right.
Many of the critcizers who demands sachin's retirement from cricket are undoubtedly destructive criticizers. Every one has the right to criticize but it should be Constructive.
Criticisam should make him to gain the lost form, should motivate. shuld not ruin him or indian cricket.

Indian cricket fans or fanatics?
If our team performs well they praise like anything and if they do not perform well, they insult them like anything.Fans should take game as a game. They should take game in a right sense.
Should not take it as a religion.

Sachin and our Indian cricket team should not mind these destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots. I strongly beleive that Sachin and indian team will perform well and prove that these destrutive criticizers and emotional idiots are wrong.

Sachin and Indian team should think of forthcoming bangladesh,england tour and should win twenty20 championship in september.
I hope everyone know what is to be done now.